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Danish Biochemical Society

The Danish Society for Matrix Biology is affiliated with the Danish Biochemical Society (Dansk Biokemisk Forening). The Danish Biochemical Society is an umbrella society for Danish life science societies and aims to increase scientific exchange and development in Denmark within the fields of biochemistry and molecular biology. Scientific societies that join the Danish Biochemical Society are independent sections, which are free to decide about their internal organization, external interactions, etc. 

Biokemisk Forening provides

  • Travel fellowships

  • Conference support

  • Membership of FEBS ( which is required to apply for different FEBS fellowships and FEBS conference support

  • Contact between researchers and scientific communities in Denmark

  • A point of contact for international societies

  • Being the Danish representatives in the Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS)

  • Support of scientific meetings in Denmark

Read more about the Danish Biochemical Society here

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